Photo Gifting!

You've seen this... pictures on coffee cups, vibrant pictures on tiles, high quality pictures on sports shirts.
The process is call 'Sublimation' where the colors of the picture are bonded into the surface of the item so that they physically become part of the object being created. The options are practically endless... check out the link to the catalog below to see examples of items which can be 'sublimated'... in the mean time, keep an eye on this page as we post more pictures of treasures we have created for others using this process.

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Check out this ===> Our Great Sublimation Catalog

Below are links to pages of our catalog.
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Catalog Index

Page(s) Description   Page(s) Description
01-04 Tiles   27-27 Office Gifts
05-05 Wood   28-28 Mousepads, Wrist Rests
06-07 Wrought Iron   29-29 Puzzles
08-08 Keepsake Boxes   30-30 Pennants, Spirit Emblems
09-09 Slate Photo Displays   31-31 Auto Accessories
10-11 Home & Kitchen   32-32 Name Tags, Bag Tags
12-12 Clocks   33-33 Pets
13-13 Kid's Room   34-35 Flags, Towels, etc.
14-15 Photo Panels   36-38 Shirts, Shorts
16-17 Coffee Mugs, etc   39-39 Holiday Accessories
18-19 Coasters, Placemats, Koozies   40-40 Jewelry
20-21 Awards & Plaques   41-41 Pewter Accessories
22-23 Cases for cell phones, laptops,iPads   42-42 Ceiling, Wall, Floor
24-25 Purses, Tote Bags   43-43 Photo Balloons & Prints
26-26 Interior Signage      



These items make the perfect unique and personalized gift for any occasion. Give us a shout and we'll work with you to develop the gift that will last in the heart of the recipient forever. Call at 972-310-3386 and let's see what we can create 'together'.

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