• When Most folks think of the back of car windows when someone says "Stick Figures", but don't be limited to only that application... they can go on tote-bags, doors, walls in the kids room... pretty much anywhere.
  • Ok... so how does this "Ordering" work... it's simple... review the Stick Figure Catalog and select the HEAD, BODY, and other ELEMENTS that you wish to make up that figure. Make note of the figure and element ID code and enter that information in the appropriate order section. For example if you were ordering the 'Dancers':
    you would select the ID code for the heads of "HR" and "IQ", with a body code of "513". The color could be "White" (..best on tinted auto glass).

Stick Figures are cut to order, the size and color is up to you.
Give us a call or drop us an eMail and we'll make sure 'we' understand what 'you' have in mind and
we'll give you a quote.



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