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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
Mark Twain

  • Welcome to the "One Stop Mom And Pop Shop"... aka EZ Vinyl Expressions, which was our initial name. We found out as we expanded our capabilities that, although we continue to support vinyl applications in all it's many varieties, we have grown to include many other things which we can now offer.

  • Working with vinyl is a blast... you would be amazed how versatile a medium that it is... it can be put on walls (without damaging the surface I might add), windows... house, car, bike... There is vinyl that can be designed and then applied to fabric (think shirts, aprons, jackets, T-Shirts, tote-bags... pretty much whatever you have in mind... your limited only by your imagination..
  • How all this works - We try very hard 'not' to be a cookie-cutter operation. We understand that 'we' must have the same image in mind for what you want that 'you' do. If you have something in mind, contact us and we will design something for you and send you a digital-proof for you approval before production starts, that way you are insured of getting what you are expecting.
  • Check out the categories at the left that will identify some of the more popular aspects of vinyl usage.
    • Photo Gifting - High quality vivid photos (your own personal treasures) applied to the gift of your choice. The options are almost endless... pictures applied to a slate display, Sports Shirts, coffee cups, head bands... check out the catalog for hundreds of items that can be used to make the perfect personalized and unique gift.
    • Custom Double-Walled Tumblers - Check these out, with Graduation and Summer around the corner, these would be a great gift to 'say' something special for that 'special' occasion.
    • Sport Water Bottles - With Summer around the corner, having a drink at the ready is a good thing... how about one of these... ?
    • Boxes and Bows - This is defiantly a unique gift... check out what we can do with boxes and bows.
    • Custom T-Shirts, Aprons, & Bags - We have the ability to create a digital design and lettering and have that design precision cut from 'heat transfer vinyl' which is then applied to the fabric.
    • Rhinestones - ooooooo... nothing sets off a garment like the sparkle of rhinestones... don't get caught wearing something that everyone else has bought off the rack... choose 'your own' design... we can help make that happen.
    • Completed Projects- This is a small sample of some of the projects we have completed that we have brought for show-n-tell. Check them out and if you have any questions about them... drop us a note and we'll get back to you.

    • Stick Figure Families - This is our Stick Figure Catalog... check it out, if you find a graphic your interested in... note the name or ID code when ordering.
    • Child and Teen- This is our Child & Teen catalog, make note of the graphic ID when ordering.
    • Ordering Automobile Stick Figures- You have checked out the catalog, now... let's start the process of creating your own unique 'family'.
    • Ordering Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl - The 'indoor' vinyl and be cut into a design or lettering which can be applied to most any surface...and it has a manufactures guarantee that you will be able to easily remove it within 3 years without damage to the applied surface. The 'outdoor' vinyl is designed to be applied to a surface that will be exposed to the weather elements and car washes and still remain looking good.
    • Custom Orders- Aaaaah... here is where we both have a good time... often what you have in mind to be created is 'unique'... you don't find it a list of standard items... describe what you have in mind, the size you envision, and where you have in mind to apply it... and we will work up a 'proof' design and email it back to you for review. Once the project is approved, we'll send you an invoice and begin work on your order.
    • Check out our Etsy Store
    • Contact Us-Got a custom order, a question, or just 'wanna say hi'?... That would be great... we love notes from you folks.
    • ... and check out our Esty Store

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